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Greater Safety & Security


We  constructed a new driveway for the drop off and pick up of program participants away from the busy and dangerous 7th Street Trafficway. It is much safer now.


More Energy Efficient Building


Better and more energy-efficient heating and cooling system, new roof, doors, and windows were installed.


Enhanced Classroom Areas


Classroom areas were enhanced and the number of program participants at a time has been added as we have more space.


Romodeled Public & Administrative Spaces


Restrooms, kitchen, reception, and office spaces. spaces were upgraded.


New Whole Life Multipurpose Center


The present campaign is to complete a new multipurpose hall for students, seniors, families, and other community members to exercise and engage in life-giving activities and events.


Improved Playground Facilities


The Center's playground and soccer field have been improved and a new playground was installed for better and safer for recreational activities.


New Garage & Campus Parking


A three-van garage was constructed securing the Center's vehicles and a new campus parking was constructed on the south and west of the building.


Expanded Food Pantry


The food pantry was enlarged with more storage space and a better service area.

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Bethel Neighborhood Center (Bethel) seeks $1,300,000 to build a multipurpose space to help address the urgent need for Health and Wellness programs for the community around the center, as well as provide much needed program space. Bethel has partnered/worked with Vibrant Health, KU MED Center, Unified Government Health Department, REACH Healthcare Foundation, Catholic Charities, Safety Net Clinics, Family Conservancy, Mental Health of America, and PACES - Wyandot Center, Soccer Nation, and other non-profit organizations in Kansas City, Kansas, to address the health, social, and economic needs of immigrants and refugees who are the most difficult group to reach in Kansas City, Kansas. Bethel will continue to collaborate with various community health partners in this new space to design programs tailored for the multiple minority groups Bethel serves.


Wyandotte County is one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the US. with 68 languages spoken

in the Kansas City Kansas Public Schools located there. 

Wyandotte County has the lowest life expectancy in the State of Kansas. 

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County has identified the lack of access to

health and wellness resources as a key factor in low life expectancy.

Even when services are provided, the diversity of ethnic communities – Hispanic/Latino,

White, Black, Congolese, Sudanese, Somali, Burmese, Iraqi, Bhutanese, Micronesian –

and linguistic barriers in Wyandotte County often mean services are not understood or trusted and, consequently, not accessed. 


 "Working with refugees and immigrants daily, I am drawn into their complex and varied life struggles in their new country. The healthcare system in this country is very confusing and is difficult for them to navigate. Their problem is compounded by low health literacy, language and cultural barriers, and lack of trust. The diverse communities we serve need a trusted organization like Bethel Neighborhood Center to work closely with them. Please donate to our capital campaign to provide help, health and hope to our        at-risk community in Kansas City." Rev. Dr. Mang Sonna, Executive Director of Bethel Neighborhood Center.

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