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As you may know we're planning for the summer program and are looking for possible interns. Here is a brief description of our summer program: 

The purpose of our summer program is to provide enriching programs and activities in a safe and nurturing environment to grades 1-12 for eight weeks.


We provide this by teaching the students about nutrition, health, the environment, money management, leadership, job-readiness, peace-making, communication, arts, and spirituality. 

As an additional part of the program, we aim at developing community leaders who will invest their efforts both locally and globally. 

Part of the intern's responsibilitiesities will be to: 

  1. Provide class leadership for two or more of the areas above. 

  2. Participate in fundraising efforts for Bethel's program and summer scholarships for interns and volunteers. 

  3. Develop a worship program for the summer and fall. Worship must be creative and diverse. Worship must also include a meal for participants of a multitude of cultures. 


Interns must be at least 21 years old and attending college or a graduate program. He or she must committed to the program for 8 weeks and undergo weekly evaluations.





Submit your applications to the email below. Applications must contain a resume, 3 letters of references, and a 500-word paper explaining why you'd be great for our program. 

Please send your resume, reference letters, and paper to


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